June, 2016

KTS Delivery Service

We Do Your Shopping For You! Hours:  Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Saturday by appt only) (928)716-1894 Rates: $.50/ minute ($30/ hour) $2.00/ mile WE HAVE EXPANDED….We now have a Delivery Service.   With our communities constantly growing, we see more and more people who do not drive or do not have transportation at all.   DON’T WORRY, we are here to help. We will do your grocery shopping, pick up med’s, deliver fast food or even help to get your pets to their appointment.  We can even deliver tobacco and alcohol, with the proper I.D.   Please,  DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!!   KTS Delivery Service supports the “Zero Tolerance” drug and alcohol policy.   Kick back….relax…. WE GOT THIS HANDLED!!!!! For more information: call:  928-716-1894 e-mail:  kingmancab@gmail.com fax:   ...

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Meet You On The Tarmac

Kingman Transportation Service provides airport transportation for several major airline companies.   When planes land, at Kingman Airport, we are waiting on the Tarmac,  to take pilots to their hotel.  No confusion as to where we are, they see us before they land.  We also pick up/drop off at McCarron Airport in Las Vegas.  Whether a Pilot or simply just traveling……Kingman Transportation Service can assist you with all of your transportation needs. For more information: call:    928-753-1222 e-mail:   kingmancab@gmail.com fax:   ...

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Southwest Vacations & Tours

    If you want to see the hidden magic that the Arizona Desert holds, then let Kingman Transportation Service show you the beauty of the high desert.  We can take you back to the struggles of the Old West, living in an old mining town, where burro’s roam the streets,  gunfights,  train robberies and the breathtaking view of   The Grand Canyon.    How would you like to look down into the Grand Canyon from the             Grand Canyon Skywalk?   The beautiful Arizona Desert holds so many hidden adventures for all ages. Yes, Arizona is home to one of the “Wonders of the World”, but that is just the beginning to the WONDERS of the Arizona Desert. For more information: call Keith at:     928-606-3157 e-mail:   kingmancab@gmail.com fax:   ...

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